Customer Reviews: NuAyurveda’s Chembur Clinic

Ayurvedic Clinic in Chembur, Mumbai | Journey of Saumya

A few days before my wedding, my acne had taken a bad turn. Despite my ongoing treatment, it had become severe. And, because of this I could not enjoy my own wedding preparations and stayed upset most of the time. Since I was upset, my family, my fiancé, mostly everyone was dull and unable to enjoy those precious moments.

Like any other individual (from the current generation), I turned to the internet for help. While I was casually browsing, I came across a forum where people were talking about the several benefits of Ayurveda. It also said that Ayurveda can cure Acne. Interested, I donned my research hat and started looking for answers with a newfound determination.

I found an Ayurvedic clinic for myself called NuAyurveda and I opted for it because the doctor was immensely qualified. And, since my wedding was just a few days away, I did not want to take any chances. Finally, my consultation day arrived. I had chosen the NuAyurveda’s Ayurvedic clinic in Chembur since it was closer to me and locating the clinic was not at all difficult.

I and my doctor spoke about my problem and had a lengthy discussion. She explained the complete treatment plan and so far, I was happy with it. For Acne treatment, my doctor suggested I try a facial treatment along with a detox treatment. The whole thing required about 6 sessions and my doctor even prescribed a few tablets and lotions.

Honestly, before my treatment, I was apprehensive. This is because I had tried several treatments without any results and I did not want this to be a dud. However, just after the first session, I knew I could relax. There was a noticeable difference in my acne and my skin looked bright. I did not miss any medications and completed my 6 sessions. My acne was fully clear, and my skin looked bright and rejuvenated. I continued the skin care routine that my doctor in NuAyurveda’s Ayurvedic clinic in Mumbai had prescribed, and it has been 3 months. Apart from a pimple here and there, once in a blue moon, my acne is completely in control.

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