Dr Batra’s Hair treatment and Hair Transplant Review

  • How is their treatment quality?
  • Do doctors understand your problem?
  • Are customers satisfied with the treatment results?
  • Is the staff supportive?
  • Does service have value for money?

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Many of the Dr.Batras patients are satisfied with the treatment provided. The doctors are well qualified. They listen carefully to patients, understand the problem, and evaluate the problem on various parameters before suggesting the course of treatment. However as the treatment takes a very long time to take effect, patients need to be the patient to see the treatment results.
Obviously, there are customers who are unsatisfied with the treatment provided. Things that Dr. Batra's service lacks is that they don’t have a refund policy if the treatment is not successful. The charges of the treatment are high and thus everyone cannot afford it.
Lunch table Discussion team recommends that if you need a hair treatment, there are better options available in the market. You can explore more options like Richfeel’s Hair Transplant service etc before actually going to Dr.Batra for the hair treatment process.

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Advantages at Dr. Batra:

  • Latest Hair treatment techniques
  • Trained and well-experienced doctors
  • No side-effects
  • Personalized hair treatment plan
  • Global presence

Disadvantages at Dr.Batra:

  • Hair treatment results take longer time.
  • Improper staff coordination
  • Expensive treatment

Services offered by Dr. Batra for Hair Treatment

  • Batra’s homeopathy
  • groHair by Dr Batra
  • Batra’s instant hair
  • Hair transplant
  • Batra’s STMcell therapy
  • Batra’s quick Hair

We have categorized the reviews of Hair Treatment and Hair Transplant at Dr. Batra’s into the following categories:

How is their treatment quality?

Dr. Batra’s make use of the advance diagnosis technique. They use video microscopy test technique. Treatment selection on the basis of various parameters. Like diagnosing the exact cause of hair loss, extent of hair loss, grade of baldness as well condition of hair and scalp.

Do doctors at Dr Batra’s understand your problem?

They have well trained and experienced doctors. For evaluation various parameters are considered. Like  the patient sensitiveness or anger frequently are some of the parameters which are evaluated.For proper evaluation and suggestion Doctors ask a number of questions and listen to the patients very carefully.

Are customers satisfied with the treatment results?

Most of the patients are satisfied with the treatment at Dr. Batra. More over there are few cases as the treatment results take a longer time to yield results. The patients require patience to undergo the treatment.

Is the staff supportive?

The staff at Dr. Batra’s is supportive and solves queries immediately. Sometimes it seems like there is no proper Coordination between the staff members.

Does treatment service have value for money?

The service treatment provided at Dr.Batra is expensive. It maybe not be afforded by all. The treatment yields positive results.If you want you can go ahead with the treatment at the Dr.Batra’s first explore other options like richfeel.

One comment on “Dr Batra’s Hair treatment and Hair Transplant Review”

  1. Good Experience!!

    I visited the Dr. Batra’s for Hair treatment and found it to be quite effective.Here the doctors go in deep to understand your problem and suggest you best possible treatment.My treatment for the hair loss lasted for 3-4 months.By the end i was most satisfied with the treatment provided.But one thing that pinched me was the fees of the treatment.Overall it was a good experience except the fees.

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