Sesa Hair Oil Review

Key Ingredients Bhrungraj – This medicinal herb fosters new hair growth and stimulates faster growth leading to voluminous hair Brahmi – Helps in reduction of hair, prevent split ends and develop volume and length. Prevents itchy scalp and reduces dandruff Triphla – Prevents hair fall Other Ingredients Coconut Oil act as a moisturizer and helps … Continue reading “Sesa Hair Oil Review”

Patanjali Shampoo Review

Key Ingredients Here are the key active ingredients present in Patanjali Hair Shampoo which are also present majorly in the shampoos which help to moisturize your hair in a perfect way: Neem Tulsi Bhringaraj Mehndi Aloe Vera We have classified Patanjali Shampoo review within the following parameters: Hair Shine and Silkiness This shampoo product is good for oily … Continue reading “Patanjali Shampoo Review”

Clinic Plus Shampoo Review

Key Ingredients Sodium Laureth Sulfate: This ingredient helps in conditioning damaged hair but this might also be one of the main reasons for this shampoo to control hairfall. Milk Protein: This ingredient nourishes the hair from root to tip to make it last longer. We have classified Clinic Plus Shampoo Review within the following parameters: Hair Shine … Continue reading “Clinic Plus Shampoo Review”

Richfeel Reviews : Is Hair Transplant at Richfeel Worth Your Money?

Positive Negative Certified and Experienced Doctors Highly professional Customer Service team to address & resolve complaint Multiple branches across all big cities State of the art technology and equipment. Prompt Service Deliver Costly Services   How advanced was their equipment and technology? Richfeel uses state of the art technology and equipment across all its branches … Continue reading “Richfeel Reviews : Is Hair Transplant at Richfeel Worth Your Money?”