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  • Hair Shine and Silkiness
  • Dandruff Tackling
  • Consistency
  • Fragrance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value for Money


For many years, since 1940s to be exact, Pantene has been helping women worldwide to solve their hair woes and giving them a boost to shine from within with the confidence of beautiful, shiny hair.
It was after the scientists at a Swiss drug company Hoffman-La Roche discovered the wonders of Panthenol that this brand that is loved worldwide today, came into existence. It was found that Panthenol, an ingredient for treating burnt skin, also possessed healing properties that offered amazing benefits to damaged hair.
Since then Pantene’s well-examined Pro-V formula has been a hit among women of all age groups. The brand has come up with a range of shampoos targeted for different hair types and for women facing different hair woes.

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We would say that it’s your take to see if the pros of Pantene shampoo are good enough for you and what you’re actually looking for in a shampoo. It may lack the deep moisturising abilities but it does make your hair less frizzy, more manageable and shinier, softer at the end. You have to check which variant of it works for you. Give it a try!

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Key Ingredients

Pantene is brand loved for its quality hair care products that are obviously, an outcome of its magical ingredients.

  • Panthenyl Ethyl Ether: Panthenyl Ethyl Ether has moisturising properties, which is the reason why it is used in several hair and skin care products including your Pantene shampoo. It is also a source of vitamin B, which is beneficial for hair restoration and preventing hair fall.
  • Cocamide MEA: Produced by mixing chemical monoethanolamine MEA with fatty acids from coconut oil, Cocamide MEA is used for foaming and improving the cleansing properties of other ingredients as it makes it easier for the shampoo to be spread.
  • Keratin Damage Blockers: Keratin Damage lockers help defend hair against irreversible oxidative damage. Keratin is a protein that makes up 80% of hair and why our hair damage is due to keratin loss.

We have classified Pantene Shampoo Review in these key parameters:

Hair Shine and Silkiness

The shampoo gives you great shine and smooth hair that do not entangle for at least a few hours post use. Its intense moisturising action is a perfect solution for dry and unmanageable hair. Use of this shampoo makes your hair healthier and shinier with up to 10x less split ends, after all, all’s well that ends well!


The shampoo lathers well and is easy to spread that makes it last very long. You can expect good foam. It strengthens your hair from within and outside, from base to tip and offers noticeably less hair fall with smoother and more manageable hair.


It smells fresh and unique, can’t really tell what type of fragrance it is as it is a pretty unique smell but it’s nice.

Dandruff Tackling

Not others but Pantene Anti Dandruff shampoo works well in dealing with the flakes. Its other shampoos don’t have anti-dandruff abilities though.

Customer Satisfaction

Shield your hair from day-to-day damage with the intense moisturising action and 10x more damage protection with a special ingredient ‘Keratin Damage Blockers’. This one fights all damage and gives you healthier and shinier hair.

Value for Money

It is value for money as it lathers well and thus lasts long. It costs Rs.200 for every 340 ml on average.

Pros of Pantene Shampoo

  • Well priced for what it has to offer
  • Lathers well
  • Removes oil from hair
  • Makes your hair less frizzy, more manageable, also detangles them

Cons of Pantene Shampoo

  • It may be awful as it just coats your hair with plastic to make them seem soft and shiny.
  • Some also complain that it makes your scalp itchy.
  • Contains chemicals that may not react well with your hair

One comment on “Read our Review on Pantene Shampoo”

  1. Good Shampoo!!

    I have been using this shampoo from my years and never changed my shampoo to other. I really like this shampoo as it makes my hair smooth and shiny and also removes dandruff.It is all in one shampoo.I really love this shampoo and recommend others as well to use and you will love it forever.

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