Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review

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Park Avenue is a renowned brand which has dilated its name and legacy globally. Their apparels sections have already set examples and the beauty product beer shampoo is also buzzing the market with positive reviews. The shampoo is made from real beer and hence has excellent moisturizing and conditioning effect.
The bouncy effect with added shine and lusciousness is a plus point for the shampoo among others in this price range. The shampoo can be used by both women and men that soften hair and stimulate growth. It cleanses the scalp effectively and moisturizes the strands. The fragrance of beer is well received by many while it can be irritating for a few.
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The shampoo is an absolute pick to get bouncy and shiny hair that nourishes and conditions effectively. Its stylish packaging is also an added feather giving a trendy look. Inside-Out, it is a great pick!

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Key Ingredients

  • Beer – Beer is rich in protein which helps to strengthen the roots and nourish hair. It repairs dried out damaged hair and adds shine and lusciousness.
  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate – It is used in shampoos for its moisturizing and conditioning effect that helps to soothe and heal the damaged hair.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol contains vitamin B which adds to the silkiness and shines to your hair.

Other Ingredients

Water, Sodium Chloride, Coco-Betaine, Perfume, etc. are the other ingredients loaded in Beer Shampoo that helps to achieve long, voluminous, bouncy and silky hair with excellent conditioning effect.

We have classified the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review in these key parameters:


The Beer Shampoo is very thick and has medium consistency. It generally lathers less as compared to other shampoos. For a proper cleansing effect, the Beer shampoo needs to be used in good quantity to form lather and cleanse the roots neatly.

Hair Shine

The alcohol and beer content in the shampoo is mainly responsible for adding the lusciousness and shine to your hair. It nourishes your hair and leaving it soft and light. It also helps to add volume making your bouncy and thick.

Hair Smoothness

Beers also acts as a very active agent to moisturize hair and condition it thoroughly. It adds bounce and shine, besides softening your hair strands. You can enjoy the feeling of soft a smooth hair after a hair wash with the shampoo making it enviable and beautiful.


The shampoo is made from real beer and has perfume in it which induces a very strong odour. The smell leaves us with mixed reviews because some really appreciate the strong smell of beer while a few may not like it.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are highly satisfied with the nourishing and conditioning effects of the Beer shampoo. It has an ideal smoothing effect leaving the hair soft and light. You can also get a voluminous, thick and bouncy hair. The key ingredients like alcohol and beer add to the visible shine and lusciousness. It is a total worth of your money.

Value for Money

The Beer shampoo is available at a decent price of 155 INR for 180 ml. It’s nourishing and conditioning properties to get beautiful and thick hair is worth every penny spent.

Pros of Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

  • Adds volume and lusciousness to your shine
  • Makes hair soft and light weight and loosens tangles
  • Gives an incredible shine and visible silkiness
  • Gives bouncy effect
  • Packaging is unique in a beer shaped plastic bottle which can be re-used for other purposes

Cons of Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

  • Makes hair unmanageable and dry
  • The bottle does not have a very good packaging where the cap does not close tightly making it prone to spillage.
  • The smell can be strong and hence not liked by a few.
  • Not very good to treat itchy scalp and dandruff.

One comment on “Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review”

  1. Average Shampoo

    After one of my friend recommended me park avenue beer shampoo i started using it.But it didn’t worked for me.It just made my hair bouncy and silky.The shine and silkiness used to remain only half of the day.The my hair used to become dry and unmanageable which i didn’t like.Also the smell is not that appealing for me.In short i didn’t like that much of it.But it worked well for my friend.I would recommend to at least try and check whether it works for u.If its works its a good shampoo.

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