Patanjali Shampoo Review

  • Hair Shine and Silkiness
  • Consistency
  • Fragrance
  • Dandruff Tackling
  • Value for Money


Patanjali has earned a good name these days with its natural products for skin and hair. It has got various personal care products such as shampoos, dental cream toothpaste, hand wash and many more. Among all these products, Patanjali has come up with a range of shampoos for different hair types with natural ingredients such as reetha, aloe vera, milk protein, etc. The use of Patanjali shampoos help to bring back the lost glaze, shine and prevents hair fall.

There are different variants of Patanjali shampoos such as Patanjali natural hair cleanser, Patanjali reetha hair cleanser, Patanjali kesh kanti anti-dandruff hair cleanser and the Patanjali shikakai hair cleanser. They do wonders for oily scalps and helps in hair fall issues and make them shiny.

The texture of these shampoos is smooth and soft with good consistency and has got a pleasant scent. Sometimes, the reetha makes the hair dry and knotty and you might need a conditioner to resolve this issue. These shampoos do not guarantee dandruff reduction and is not for dry hair.

Would LunchTableReview team recommend a buy?
Those seeking a good moisturizing shampoo at a fair and decent price of Rs.95 can go for this product as it works well to give make your hair smooth and silky. It reduces hair frizziness and gives you a clean scalp and reduces the dryness along with roughness in hair.

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Key Ingredients

Here are the key active ingredients present in Patanjali Hair Shampoo which are also present majorly in the shampoos which help to moisturize your hair in a perfect way:

  • Neem
  • Tulsi
  • Bhringaraj
  • Mehndi
  • Aloe Vera

We have classified Patanjali Shampoo review within the following parameters:

Hair Shine and Silkiness

This shampoo product is good for oily hair which can be used after every 2-3 days. It gives a very soft, smooth and silky feel to your hair for at least 5-6 hours after use and makes sure that your hair shines in the sunlight and maintaining its glaze and silkiness at the same time.


The consistency of the shampoo is good with slightly runny consistency when compared to the other varieties of patanjali shampoos. It is neither too thick nor watery and improves the texture of your hair. Overall the shampoo lathers well leaving the hair very clean.


The Patanjali hair shampoo has a floral fragrance which is very much gentle, lasts long and is found to be much better than the fragrance of other variants.

Dandruff Tackling

Dry scalp is often a reason for dandruff and this shampoo promises to reduce the scalp dryness. This gives you extra soft silky hair without the feel of any dryness.

Value for Money

The shelf life of Patanjali shampoo is for almost 2 years and costs just Rs.95 for a bottle of 200ml. It seems to be easily affordable for anyone to purchase and sounds like the best pick for all the buyers.

Pros of Patanjali Shampoo

  • Perfect pricing for the features this shampoo offers.
  • Makes the hair smooth and improves its textures.
  • Nice fragrance and lathers well.
  • Reduces the drying of hair.
  • Effective hair cleanser.

Cons of Patanjali Shampoo

  • Use of conditioner is a must.
  • The shampoo bottle has a thin delicate flip which does not close properly and might result in spillage.
  • Not completely effective on hair fall.
  • This variant is not that effective on oily scalps.

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  1. Worse Shampoo

    I have been using Patanjali anti-dandruff shampoo from quite a while but not satisfied with the results.Hair becomes frizzy and dry so require to use a conditioner.Using an anti-dandruff shampoo it doesn’t solves the problem of dandruff. The texture of the shampoo is too flowy and the packaging is not travel friendly..Only one thing that is good about patanjali shampoo is that it is cost effective apart from that i cannot find any benefits of using it.

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