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Ayurvedic Clinic in Malviya Nagar, Delhi | Experiences of Krishna

I was getting engaged to the love of my life and I was so so ecstatic. I have always been a tomboy. So, when it came to skincare my knowledge was limited. A few days prior my engagement, my cousin suggested that I try an Ayurvedic treatment to help brighten my skin and add a glow.

Since I wanted to look my very best on my D-day. I went for it.  She recommended NuAyurveda’s Ayurvedic clinic in Malviya Nagar, Delhi. As she was the regular member and trusted the brand fully, I looked no further.

I opted for one of their holistic packages called Shringara. It was a massage, scrub, and an awesome experience :). It was apt considering I was getting it done for my special day. So, on the day of my appointment, I reached there on time and I was immediately sent to meet my therapist.

Now, my first impression of the clinic was ‘wow’. It was aesthetically decorated and had a peaceful feel to it. There were diyas all over the reception which gave it a spa-like feel (I loved it). The people at the reception were all smiles, which really calmed my anxiety.

My therapist was a sweet lady who asked me several questions before proceeding. My treatment started with a massage, which put me in a state of absolute relaxation. They used some Ayurvedic oils and they smelled really good. After the massage, the next step was exfoliation. The scrub they used had some sort of a fruity smell to it, which was delightful. The exfoliation process was not harsh, but it was done gently.

Once the exfoliation was done, they move on to some sort of a mask and later my body was wrapped in banana leaves. I was told that this gives a long-lasting effect. The whole procedure was utterly unwinding. Before going to NuAyurveda, I did not know how much I needed this ME time. But, it was worth it.

So, once the treatment was concluded I felt heavenly. I smelled great, my skin was baby-soft, and there was a glow. I did not even know it was possible. I looked bright and dewy and fully rejuvenated. It was the absolute best. My session at NuAyurveda’s Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi lasted for about two hours and cost me 4000 INR which was seriously worth it.

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