Richfeel Koramangala, Bangalore Clinic Review

Treatment Quality – 2.5/5

Equipment and Technology – 3/5

Staff Courtesy – 3/5

Customer Satisfaction – 2.5/5

Value for Money – 2/5

Service Delivery – 2.5/5

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Koramangala is the hotspot in Bengaluru and this is the reason for the immense success of Richfeel Koramangala Clinic in Bengaluru. This is because if we talk about the services, Richfeel Koramangala Clinic fails to deliver on reviewed parameters. As per our review, you should avoid Richfeel Koramangala Clinic’s services. We have concluded this on the basis of our detailed review.

The problem starts right from the consultation department. The Trichologists are either inexperienced or they do follow a predetermined approach while dealing with the customers. They are not able to decipher the problem manner and as a result, they suggest an inappropriate treatment which does not produce the desired result.

Talking about the costs, Richfeel executives think that money can be plucked from the branches of the trees. Their treatment costs are surely expensive. When they suggest an alternative treatment, in case the first treatment fails, the customer feels robbed and disheartened. Besides, everyone knows that homeopathic medicines don’t cost a fortune. But Richfeel Koramangala Clinic doesn’t seem to agree on this aspect.

Would LunchTable Reviews team recommend the services?

As far as our recommendation is concerned, we would advise you to certainly avoid Richfeel Koramangala Clinic’s services. It is a wastage of time and money. You will not notice any improvement and there are high chances that you condition deteriorates while undergoing the treatment.

Services offered by Richfeel Koramangala, Bangalore Clinic

If you are suffering from persistent hair and scalp problems, it is time to look out for an effective cure. Richfeel Koramangala Clinic can help you if you have scalp or hair problem. Whether it’s hair fall, hair thinning, or baldness; you can avail suitable services from the given list. Besides treatment, you can purchase homeopathic medicines and herbal products to enhance your hair quality. The services offered by Richfeel Koramangala Clinic are:

  • Hair System – Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
  • TST+ – Hair Fall Treatment
  • Anagrow – Hair Thinning Treatment
  • ANA-D-TOX – Hair Color Damage Repair
  • Hair Transplant – Permanent Hair Restoration
  • Anacover – Permanent Scalp Cover
  • Anagain Hair Loss Treatment

Treatment Quality

In most of the cases, the treatment is effective IF applied for the right problem. But, if the trichologist is not able to decipher the problem, the treatment is not effective at all. Some of the cases are concerned with the genetics and these cannot be cured. But, the Trichologists insists on opting for a particular treatment. This again results in the failure. The crux of the statement is that the treatment is not effective in most of the cases. And this issue is detrimental for the Richfeel Koramangala services review.

Equipment and Technology

Integrating a clinic with the latest technology and software is not enough. You need to make sure that these technological equipment are used for the right purpose. Richfeel Koramangala Clinic has all the equipment in place. But they fail to utilize it for the right treatment. The patient does not notice any significant result even after undergoing a prescribed treatment.

Staff Courtesy

Courteousness is necessary for a business. The same is applicable at Richfeel Koramangala Clinic. The staff is courteous enough to deal with the clients. And while dealing with the clients, they make sure that they are focused on propelling sales and achieving their targets. Nevertheless, you will be entitled to polite and sweet talks at Richfeel Koramangala Clinic.

Customer Satisfaction

While reviewing customer satisfaction aspect, we found that Richfeel Koramangala Clinic’s services do not satisfy the customer’s expectations at all. After investing hard earned money in the treatment sessions, a customer feels cheated when he or she doesn’t notice any fruitful results.

Value for Money

If your hair or scalp problem is successfully treated using a particular treatment method, your investment might be successful. But if Richfeel Koramangala Clinic executives ask you to opt for a different treatment or they ask you to buy useless products, you are in for a trouble. The treatment costs and medicines costs are definitely expensive.

Service Delivery

You are assured of the services offered at Richfeel Koramangala Clinic but you are not assured of the results. You will be intimated about the consultation appointments, session proceedings, etc. Considering this aspect, Richfeel Koramangala does a commendable job. But the problem arises with the ineffective treatments and ineffective products. The latter is more crucial than customer management. But Richfeel Koramangala Clinic fails to deliver in this segment.

Pros of Richfeel Koramangala, Bangalore Clinic’s treatments, and services

  • Easy accessibility in the Bangalore suburb
  • Homeopathic treatment and herbal products will not pose any harmful side effects

Cons of Richfeel Koramangala, Bangalore Clinic’s treatments and services

  • Treatment is ineffective in most of the cases
  • The treatment costs are not affordable for a common man
  • It can take several weeks or months for the treatment to finish

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  1. the technique did not work for me. it had worked for my friends and hence i too decided to get my hair treated. the trichologists at richfeel have good knowledge but they could not get my hair back, unlike my friends’ . overall not satisfied. will try another treatment.

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