Richfeel Reviews : Is Hair Transplant at Richfeel Worth Your Money?

  • How advanced was their equipment and technology?
  • Is the service worth it?
  • How much did they follow the timelines?
  • How well did the doctors understand your problem?
  • How much did they meet your expectations?
  • How friendly was their staff?
  • How happy are you from the service?

LunchTableDiscussion Review

In our Lunch Table discussion we came across a customer who wanted to share his experience with Richfeel's Hair Transplant and Anagrow service.

"I had opted for Richfeel's Anagrow service to prevent hair thinning leading to hair-fall. My first day at the Santacruz clinic, Mumbai was amazing. From registration to first session everything was done within a couple of hours. I was given series of future appointments and schedule for the entire treatment. Apart from 2 appointments all of them were on schedule which was more than what I had expected.
When my service ended I could see significant hair thickness. The difference was clearly visible. However the damage which had already been done needed fixing. So I opted for Hair Transplant service as well. A similar pattern was followed and today I am a satisfied Richfeel customer.

The only thing that hurt me the most was the pricing. It is a bit heavy on the pocket. However the results as I saw were totally worth the money."

Lunch Table Discussion team recommends that if you can afford it and badly need hair treatment, Richfeel should be your go to place.

Comments Rating 4.33 (21 reviews)



  • Certified and Experienced Doctors
  • Highly professional Customer Service team to address & resolve complaint
  • Multiple branches across all big cities
  • State of the art technology and equipment.
  • Prompt Service Deliver
  • Costly Services


How advanced was their equipment and technology?

Richfeel uses state of the art technology and equipment across all its branches which is spread over a wide network of different cities. The equipments are user friendly, which enhances the customer experience and creates a positive impact.

How well did the doctors understand your problem?

Doctor’s at Richfeel are certified and have years of experience. They understand the patient woes and analyze & treat it with utmost profession. They do know what they are doing.

How much did they follow the timelines?

Richfeel has a professional approach when it comes to addressing customers. They try to attend customers in the allotted time and provide on time service delivery. Due to its on time service, the customers are satisfied and happy.

How friendly was their staff?

Their staff are extremely friendly and are excited about what they do, they are always on their toes and care personally about getting best results for their patients.

Is the service worth it?

With the advanced technology & equipments and such professional doctors, the treatment does become a bit expensive. But the results are positive making it totally worth it. And based on two decades of feedback from customers, Richfeel has evolved into a truly respectable institution.

How happy are you from the service?

Such professional approach and friendly behaviour, the service provided by Richfeel is very good. Their customer service agents are highly professional and handles complaints & issues efficiently. Richfeel takes its customer reviews very seriously and ensures immediate resolution in case of any customer complaints.

Here is what a few customers have to say about Richfeel’s Hair Treatment:

Richfeel Review by Pooja Patil

Pooja Patil, a software engineer, was facing several hair related issues like hairfall and dandruff. She tried several remedies before coming to Richfeel, but her hair only became worse. Then she read about Richfeel’s hair transplant service. She then approached Richfeel where the staff was friendly and recommended Anagrow Treatment. Pooja observed excellent results in a short span of time with increased volume of hair and better texture. She is delighted with her experience.

Mr. Kanhaiya Verma – Hairfall trouble

Mr. Kanhaiya Verma, a homeopathic doctor, took Anagrow stem cell therapy to overcome hair fall. As a result the hair fall stopped by about 70% and he plans to continue the treatment for about a year for even better results. He recommends Richfeel to near and dear ones.

Mr. Nishit Patil – Hair fall Treatment Review

Mr. Nishit Patil says that being an IT professional, his job demanded him to travel extensively. He suffered extensive hair loss while in the United States. On returning to India, he tried several remedies and medications but nothing seemed to help. that was when Richfeel Hair treatment came to his rescue. He has been associated with Richfeel for 2 years now and is extremely satisfied with the results.
Listen to what he has to say….

LunchTable Conclusion

LunchTable Research and Analysis Team not only conducted customer feedback for Richfeel’s hair treatment services but also analyzed individual clinics of Richfeel at different locations across India such as Santacruz clinic , Kamlanagar Delhi Clinic and Koramangla Banglore Clinic . Also our team collected customer feedback for various Richfeel products such as Aloe Vera Shampoo and allied services such as Richfeel Spa. Richfeel products and services are best in class and highly recommended for people suffering from hair related issues. Given the quality of service provided, Richfeel is worth the price.

LunchTable strives to provide its readers, the most relevant and accurate perspective on wide variety of subjects because we value and cater to the need of our followers and readers.

24 people commented on “Richfeel Reviews : Is Hair Transplant at Richfeel Worth Your Money?”

  1. Happy to be here-Richfeel

    I had taken hair treatment at Richfeel and it was just an awesome experience.As i used to suffer with lot of hair loss and had also tried various other treatment at different clinics but is was not effective .Just a waste of money.Then one of my friend recommended me to go to Richfeel so i thought of giving it a last try.
    After i took the appointment and visited the center.The way the staff treated and handle the appointments was really good. The doctors understand your problem carefully.First they examine your scalp very well and suggest you the best treatment . I went through the treatment process and found it to be very effective and it was just what i was expecting and finally i could get rid of my hair loss problem.

  2. Thank you Richfeel.

    I was facing dandruff since past few years.I tried all the home remedies,shampoo’s,conditioners etc but no use.The problem remained the same.
    One day i came across an advertisement about richfeel in newspaper and thought of going for it.
    Took an appointment and visited the center.The doctor suggested me the best treatment. The treatment lasted for 3-4 weeks and finally the problem got solved within a month.
    Thanks to richfeel.

  3. Thank richfeel?

    Thanks! Richfeel for taking care of my hair. I was facing intense hair fall due climatic changes and improper diet.
    I visited richfeel clinic, they suggested me diet and medication. It’s 3 month after the treatment I have seen better result. The hair fall is complete come down.

  4. Great result, Thanks richfeel

    Hi I am suraj working as a investment banker. A year back i was suffering from severe hair loos. Loosing hair is nightmare to both male and female.Due to hair loss i was looking much older than my current age.One day I saw news paper add of richfeel trichology.I took a decision to take help from richfeel trichology.After consultation, doctor recommended me to go for anagrow treatment.After starting treatment i realise change in my hair looks healty and very natural.i will recommend richfeel treatment who suffering from hair loss problem.I am really thankful to richeel doctors.

  5. Great anagrow treatment for hair thinning

    Hello my name is vijay and I am 29 years old working in merchant navy.I spend more than 6 months in aurat at sea. Changing weather and water conditions had affected the quality of my hair. Although I was not loosing hair, my hair had started getting thinner and so it looked really badly.After consultation,doctor at Richfeel recommended me to go for Anagrow treatment.The doctors made a plan based on my availability for the treatment.I see that my hair looks denser and thicker.I am happy with treatment at Richfeel.

  6. Being a swimmer, I had faced a lot of problem related to my hair. After a swim or roaming around in sun for almost a yr and a half (thanks to sales job) my hair and scalp become rough, tried varied shampoo on my hair but it only made the matter worse..I started to lose hair deliberately + the dandruff had increased. One of my friend she recommended richfeel for treatment, initially I thought that I don’t require treatment, but the matter was getting worse and embarassing. So I finally read a few reviews on richfeel and visited them. They were upto the mark and handled very professioanlly, ideally since hair treatment isn’t much popular people often are unaware of the treatment and end up paying a lot of money. But Richfeel people guided me to the right course by giving the required hair treatment.

  7. Dear team

    Few days ago I have send enquiry I got call from richfeel Surat. I got anagrow hair treatment and I am currently extremely satisfied

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  9. Superb

    From last 2-3 years I was suffering from serious hairfall problem. I tried various treatments but never got benefited from single treatment. Then I came to know about Richfeel through social media. Without wasting time I took appointment there and believe me my experience there was really superb. All Doctors there was really experienced, they understood my problem very greatly and give me solutions according to that. If you are the one who is suffering from hair fall problem then really Richfeel is for you.

  10. Good

    I was facing intense Dandruff problem since last year. I tried various shampoo, oil of various diffrent brands but it was not effective. Then I read advertisement of richfeel somewhere and thought of to give it a try. Till now i am really happy with my treatment.

  11. Bad

    Last month I visited at Richfeel’s centre at mumbai for my daughters hair treatment. I booked my appointment there, we reached at right time. The doctor was highly knowledgeable and helpful

  12. Good

    Six months ago i used to be frustrated because of my dandruff problem. Because of dandruff i used to avoid going at parties, because every time i go dandruff use to be clearly visible on my shirt. After reading a lot of reviews on internet I decided to have a treatment at richfeel. From last 3 months there danduff in my hair reduced alot. The products which they suggest are little bit expensive but really worth.

  13. review on richfeel hair treatmentt

    after i did hair treatment at richfeel, my friend asked me ” is richfeel treatment effective ? ” its not a direct yes or no answer. it depends on your patience and consistency. the richfeel products if applied consistently and as per schedule mentioned by trichologists they do work, as they did in my case. but if someone expects miracle then it may not. richfeel hair transplant and treatment is damn expensive. but worth the price. so it depends on your financial and psychological capacity.

  14. awesome service

    Richfeel is not a scam !!! I have been to their clinic and seen the trichologist do hair surgery. Its very professional and authentic service. some people do not get the result and hence they talk rubbish here and there. overall i have been customer of richfeel for variety of their products especially jaborandi hair oil and scalp cleanser. the products have no match in industry.

  15. my nephew has undergone ana-d-tox hair colour repair. he was very apprehensive in the beginning but later he gained confidence and got the treatment at mulund clinic of Richfeel. he said the products worked well for him and the trichologists were very helpful.

  16. hair treatment technology great

    the hair treatment technology at richfeel is imported from israel. my cousin lives in USA and he told that in USA as well they use similar technology. when i was visiting richfeel’s banglore clinic, i enquired the trichologists about the technology. richfeel centers are well equipped and well maintained. Anagrow and anacover treatment are very popular. i have seen 3 customers transform themselves. overall i guess they are doing great service.

  17. satisfactory service

    post pregnancy, i started losing my hair due to loss of nutrients. for 2 years i did not undergo any kind of hair treatment or used any hair products. then my friend recommended richfeel. i underwent the hair system, the non-surgical restoration of hair. the treatment was successful

  18. Richfeel's Hair transplant service is great

    Getting good marriage proposal was hard for me due to the scanty hair i had. hence i underwent hair transplant surgery at Richfeel and my hair transplant was successful. now the hair density has improved and my confidence is up. Thanks a lot to Richfeel and the trichologists at Richfeel

  19. Dense hair with lot of confidence

    My name is Nisha and I work in the marketing division. Being a female I was always worried about my hair loss problem. My hair had become very scanty especially from the front side. I have a stressful job and also need to travel frequently. As the time progressed, my hair loss was so serious that I almost started showing off portion of scalp from front side. This was a very depressing phase in my life. Every time I met someone, I realised that the person kept staring at my hair. My friend suggested trying hair treatment at Richfeel. After meeting the doctor, I was explained that I was not getting bald but was having hair thinning problem. The doctor then recommended to go for Anagrow treatment that nourishes the hair and makes them look thicker. After undergoing the treatment for suggested period of time, I noticed that my hair had become denser and the scalp was not being seen anymore. I was given some special hair products for home care. I am really very thankful to the team Richfeel who helped me gained my confidence back.

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