Richfeel Santacruz Clinic Review

  • Treatment Quality
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Staff Courtesy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value for Money
  • Service Delivery


The Richfeel clinic at Santacruz is known for housing experienced doctors which provides the best experience to its customers and they are quite satisfied with the way the doctors at the clinic took care and understood the problems of their hair. When compared to other clinics, the Santacruz clinic has proved to be the best in its services. Even though it’s a bit expensive, customers feel that it is worth the money if their treatments are successful and effective.
Based on all these parameters, many customers feel that Richfeel is one such clinic that has provided the experience they have always wanted. There are also customers who are not satisfied with this clinic’s services but then this is a part and parcel of the service industry. Many feel that the Richfeel Santacruz clinic should revise its pricing model and make it affordable.
There are several Richfeel products for dandruff, aroma oil for hair loss, hair nourisher, aloevera shampoo, conditioner and scalp cleanser which have definitely shown results upon usage. This centre treats all major as well as minor scalp and hair problems through the tricho active medicines and patented treatments.

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Based on all the above mentioned parameters, the Richfeel Santacruz Clinic is definitely recommended option. The advanced equipments and technology provided by this clinic are on top of the class even though they are expensive but worth it.

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Services offered by Richfeel Santacruz Clinic

  • Hair Transplant- Permanent Hair Restoration
  • Anagrow- Hair Thinning Treatment
  • TST+- Hair Fall Treatment
  • Anacover- Permanent Scalp Cover
  • Hair System- Non Surgical Hair Restoration
  • ANA-D-TOX- Hair Colour Damage Repair

We have classified Richfeel Santacruz Clinic Review in the following parameters:

Treatment Quality 

The quality of treatment at Richfeel Santacruz Clinic is great. This clinic aims at delivering healthy hair solutions through the use of latest technology. The quality of this clinic sets them apart from other clinics. The services- Hair Transplant and Anagrow has actually shown great results at this branch.

Equipment and Technology 

The Richfeel Santacruz Clinic has got the latest technology and equipment and they try to leverage this to enhance their customer experience and build great trust. The doctors at this clinic help their customers to understand the complete procedure and the impact of their services using these equipments and technology.

Staff Courtesy 

The staff at the Richfeel Santacruz Clinic is very helpful and courteous. They try and understand their customer’s problems and they live upto their expectations. The entire team is dedicated to provide you with personalized and care that you deserve. The staff is dedicated to your personal comfort and prompt attention as well.

Customer Satisfaction 

Customers are quite satisfied with the treatment offered at the Richfeel Santacruz Clinic. This clinic takes up the responsibility to resolve all issues and complaints at the earliest within 48 hours but they do not have a money back guarantee policy which is why few customers might think the services are not upto the mark where the treatment has failed,

Value for Money

Services related to hair treatments may cost you a lot but if the results are satisfactory, the money that is being spent is worth it. So if you decide to spend a considerable amount of money for these treatments, Richfeel Santacruz Clinic is the best choice.

Service Delivery 

In order to get through a doctor at the Richfeel Santacruz Clinic, you must need an appointment. These appointments sometimes may get delayed or rescheduled as reviewed by customers due to logistical reasons. This sometimes works on the negative side of this clinic when compared to their competitors.

Pros of Richfeel Santacruz Clinic’s treatments and services

  • Latest technology
  • Effective results
  • Qualified doctors

Cons of Richfeel Santacruz Clinic’s treatments and services

  • Expensive treatment
  • Delays in appointment

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  1. My visit to Richfeel Santacruz Clinic was the last visit to a hair care clinic ever. Everyone is courteous, professional, and understanding. Doctors there are probably the finest doctors I have ever seen. I feel extremely confident knowing that they always get it right the first time. Satisfied customer.

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