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  • Equipment and Technology
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  • Customer Satisfaction
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Richfeel Spa offers a variety of beauty as well as health related services which include skin treatments and face massages. These treatments are done under the supervision of professional doctors. It is a spa with difference healing plains with special therapeutic treatments and they are performed by skilled therapists. It helps to soothe your body and relax your mind. Their detox reflex massage combines crystal treatment and foot reflexology whichdetoxifies the mind and body thoroughly.
The Aroma-relax massages uses light oils and is rubbed deep into your tissues using long palm strokes. Their unique relaxology massage uses fingertips to massage your body that will make your body feel more alive and rejuvenated. The natural ingredients make it safe for use for all skin types. Though the services are expensive, it is worth a try as the spa delivers what it promises.

Would LunchTableReviews team recommend the services?
Definitely! Richfeel Spa offers a variety of beauty related services and all the treatments are done under the guidance of professionals and the therapies are worth a try. For sure, this is a recommended spa for those who believe in getting the best for themselves.

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Services offered by Richfeel Spa

  • Facial massage and scrub
  • Dry massage- Head, neck and shoulders massage
  • Full body oil massage+ steam+ shower
  • Therapies- Potli massage, bamboo massage, hot stone and candle therapy

We have classified Richfeel Spa Review in the following parameters:

Treatment Quality 

The quality of treatment at Richfeel Spa is has been reviewed as one of the best spa services in the city. This spa claims to detoxify your body as soon as you enter the clinic. This calms down your mind and makes you more active. Their unique crystal treatment uses vibration as well as healing powers to remove the knots and energize the body. This treatment comes as a standard service with any of the detox massages available.

Equipment and Technology 

The Richfeel Spa uses different technology and treatment methods such as the crystal treatment, special detoxology massages and detox flex massages have seem to deliver the best of their services to ease the muscle tension and relieve stress. The new technology- healing reflex massage by the in- house physiotherapists and the use of equipments such as the Short Wave Diathermy- SWD and ultrasound have made this spa one of the best in their services.

Staff Courtesy 

The staff is said to be pleasing and helps you to relax in every possible way. The services provided by them are sure to refresh your mind and soothe your body. Their beauty physicians are trained to provide the best massage techniques.

Customer Satisfaction 

At the Richfeel Spa, you will get to experience a refreshing experience with the spa’s range of oils, scrubs and creams that have been indigenously developed at their own wellness laboratory. The trained therapists will be there to recommend the right aroma that will stimulate your senses. The use of the specialized products makes them the best in what they offer and this in turn is thumbs up for their customer satisfaction.

Value for Money 

Though the services at Richfeel Spa are upto the mark, the treatments are quite expensive. Because of the positive responses from the customers, customers do not mind to spend that extra money to get the best of their services.

Service Delivery 

There have hardly been any complaints of the Richfeel Spa’s service delivery not being on time and this has led to the spa’s growth just because of their highly skilled and trained therapists.

Pros of Richfeel Spa’s services

  • Use of natural and specialized products
  • Exotic ingredients such as almond, olive, tulsi, geranium, lavender used
  • Detoxifies your body
  • The massages ease muscle tension
  • Services provided relives stress

Cons of Richfeel Spa’s services

  • Expensive treatment

2 people commented on “Read our Review for Richfeel Spa”

  1. The Spa ambience is beautiful and relaxing. The receptionist is very friendly and informative. The D-Tox Crystal Therapy is worth experiencing. Your therapists are wonderful. I enjoyed the treatment very much. Beautiful Spa, will come back.

  2. good for dry skin removal

    my skin gets dry very often and also gets itchy sometimes. so i tried the facial scrub offered by richfeel. now i have clear skin and frequently visit the center to do facial scrub.

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