Sesa Hair Oil Review

  • Increase Silkiness and Shine
  • Hair Smoothness
  • Ease of Styling
  • Fragrance
  • Packaging
  • Value for Money


Sesa Hair Oil is widely known for its multiple benefits that gives you string, smooth and soft hair. The fragrance of the hair oil is strong due to the presence of medicinal herbs but their benefits outsmarts the smell. Long, voluminous and thick hair are the promises of this hair oil. The presence of Bhrungraj and Brahmi enhances hair growth and fosters growth of new hair. If you desire Rapunzel like long, black and thick hair then Sesa is the absolute pick for you.
Sesa is a popular brand and its beauty care products have always received welcoming response and is a reliable product. The Hair Oil is known to have multiple benefits but it does not contain any chemicals. The smell gets strong due to the medicinal herbs but its benefits will get you beautiful and praiseworthy hair in just a few weeks. Go for the trusted brand, Sesa hair oil and style your hair with this non-sticky hair oil. Voluminous and thick hair is the promise of this beauty hair oil product.

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The medicinal herbs like Bhrungraj and Brahmi present in hair oil leads to thick, soft and smooth hair. It prevents hair loss and works on dandruffs and hair breakage. It is one of the best purchase that makes it worth the purchase at 95 INR.

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Key Ingredients

Bhrungraj – This medicinal herb fosters new hair growth and stimulates faster growth leading to voluminous hair

Brahmi – Helps in reduction of hair, prevent split ends and develop volume and length. Prevents itchy scalp and reduces dandruff

Triphla – Prevents hair fall

Other Ingredients

Coconut Oil act as a moisturizer and helps in softening hair. Lemon Oil removes the excess oil and prevents itchy scalp. There are plenty of other medicinal herbs in the hair oil and stimulate hair growth and fosters growth new hair.

We have classified Sesa Hair Oil Review within the following parameters:

Ease of Styling

The Sesa Hair Oil is non-sticky and non-greasy by nature and hence it can easily apply. You can easily style your hair with this hair oil since it does not give a sticky feeling. Leave it on your hair overnight for best results.

Increase Silkiness and Shine

Sesa Hair Oil is very good hair oil for enhancing hair growth and a lot of beneficial herbs get you silky and shinier hair.

Hair Smoothness

The medicinal herbs and coconut oil in the Sesa hair oil helps to moisturize scalp and smoothens hair. It helps to work on dry, rough and frizzy hair.

Value for Money

Sesa Hair oil has multiple benefits that promote hair growth and fosters new growth which leads to thick and voluminous hair. It moisturizes scalp and enhances length. Sesa hair oil smoothens and softens hair and treats dandruff. The hair oil is however expensive which makes it available at 95 INR for just 90 ml bottle. Considering its benefits, it is totally worth it!


Sesa hair Oil has a very strong smell due to the presence of medicinal herbs which can give a headache when applied initially.


The packaging of hair oil is good and it can be carried while travelling.

Pros of Sesa Hair Oil

  • The hair oil contains a lot of beneficial and medicinal herbs that makes your hair smooth and soft
  • The hair oil treats itchiness and dry scalp that fights problems of dandruff and dry scalp.
  • The Bhrungraj and Brahmi present in the hair oil helps to enhance hair growth, promotes long and thick hair adding volume’
  • It does not contain any chemicals but natural medicinal herbs that makes it totally worth the price

Cons of Sesa Hair Oil

  • The fragrance is very strong smell which can give a headache when used initially
  • The packaging can be slightly better to make it more travel friendly

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  1. Great Hair Oil

    I had tried different oils from various other brands.But still there was no growth in my hair as well as the hair was thining day by day. Then finally there came a rescue for my Hair that was Sesa Hair Oil. I started applying the oil and within a month i could see results. I started finding my hair thick and also growth in the length of my Hair. Although the smell seemed unpleasingly but it solved my Hair problem .I continue to apply it twice a week.

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