Buying Sunsilk Shampoo? Read This Review First

  • Hair Shine and Silkiness
  • Dandruff Tackling
  • Consistency
  • Fragrance
  • Value for Money


Sunsilk shampoos have a been an important part of the hair care regime since a long time and provides the best products for your hair. Not only this product is popular for its long lasting fragrance, but they also yield good results and are affordable. Sunsilk has got different variants for different types of hair problems.
The different variants are: Dream soft and smooth shampoo, lusciously thick and long shampoo, damaged hair reconstruction shampoo, radiant shine shampoo, perfect straight shampoo, black shine shampoo, shine and strength shampoo, anti- dandruff solution shampoo, keratinology detoxifying shampoo, keratinology sun kissed colour therapy shampoo. There are Sunsilk conditioners available for each of these variants, the use of which is a must to have a control over the frizziness of your hair.
The Sunsilk shampoo does give you soft and shiny hair everytime you wash your hair and grows your hair thick and longer. The oils present in few of these variants make the hair strands sustain all climatic conditions. The anti- dandruff shampoo helps to resolve all kinds of dandruff issues and removes the dandruff from the root of the hair strand. Few of these variants clean your hair and remove the excess oil, thus making the scalp clean and fresh. It also avoids drying of the scalp.

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Even though the Sunsilk shampoo variants give you shiny and silky hair, the use of conditioner is a must to control the frizziness. The different variants help you to resolve your damaged hair problems, and protect the moisture of the hair. Overall, this product can be recommended depending on the type of hair and issues one has.

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Key Ingredients

Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Perfume, Sodium Chloride, Carbomer, Glycol Distearate, Guar Hydroxyproplytrimonium Chloride, Disodium EDTA, Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Panthenol, Hydroloyzed Wheat Protein, Yoghurt Powder, Sodium Hydroxide, Cl17200 and other ingredients.

We have classified Sunsilk Shampoo Review within the following parameters:

Hair Shine and Silkiness

There are several variants of Sunsilk shampoo that are available for your hair. Sunsilk stunning black shine shampoo is enriched with amla- pearl complex that acts as a protective shield from the sun damage and gives your hair a nourished hair and healthy glow. The Sunsilk long and healthy growth shampoo nourishes your hair and helps it to grow long and keep it soft and silky.


This product has a perfect consistency of what a shampoo needs which is of semi- thick consistency and a creamy and shiny texture.


The Sunsilk shampoo variants have a good sophisticated fragrance which is sure to linger on your hair. The fragrance is quite pleasant.

Dandruff Tackling

The anti- dandruff variant of Sunsilk shampoo helps to overcome the dandruff problem which ensures dandruff free scalp and beautiful hair. It protects your hair from dryness and is not harsh on hair like any other anti- dandruff shampoo.

Value for Money

This product is not pricey and is easily available at different prices for all the variants. The stunning black shine shampoo is priced at Rs.180 for 340ml, perfect straight shampoo is priced at Rs. 105 for 180ml, radiant shine shampoo is priced at Rs. 213 for 340ml and the Sunsilk thick and long shampoo is priced at Rs. 105 for 180ml.

Pros of Sunsilk Shampoo

  • The product has got a pleasant and long lasting fragrance and is easily affordable.
  • This product keeps your smooth, silky and improves its texture and makes the hair strong and healthy.
  • The Sunsilk products are effective gentle and removes oil very easily.
  • Sunsilk shampoo variants make the hair soft and bouncy.
  • Lathers nicely and cleanses the scalp completely.

Cons of Sunsilk Shampoo

  • Cannot be used everytime your hair needs a wash.
  • Does not solve damaged hair problems.
  • Not suitable for hairfall control and split ends.
  • Conditioner use is a must to control frizziness.

One comment on “Buying Sunsilk Shampoo? Read This Review First”

  1. Good Shampoo

    My hair stylist recommended that I get this shampo. I really like the shampoo a lot – I believe it has helped retain the color in my hair and it’s kept it feeling soft. I LOVE the smell of the shampoo a lot – it’s NOT perfumey or heavy but just a light scent. This shampoo lasts a long time because a little goes a long way.

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