Truweight Hyderabad Weightloss Center: Customer Reviews

Truweight Wellness Pvt Ltd is situated in a prime location of Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad.

Address: Second Floor, Sama Towers, Liberty X Roads, Opp To Stanza,

Himayatnagar, Hyderabad,

Telangana 500029

The operations performed here range from:

  • Health consultation and health check-up
  • Addressing and solving client’s complaints and queries
  • Counselling and diet-plan customization by the experts

Weekly timings of the office

Monday- 8am-8pm

Tuesday- 8am-8pm

Wednesday- 8am-8pm

Thursday- 8am-8pm

Friday- 8am-8pm

Saturday- 8am-8pm

Sunday- 10am-6pm

Overall Rating of Hyderabad’s Centre

Value for Money

“Honestly weight loss program is very good. No exercise, no capsule, no fasting it’s really good. But the price is a bit high I Wanted to upgrade my weight loss program now I am thinking twice because of price. Excellent guys keep it up”.

Quality of Treatment

Truly for the first time I have lost more than 5 kg without starving and vigorous workout. thanks truweight for the well thought of diet plan and superfoods which is supported by herbs. You have taught me what to eat and when to eat by creating some good health habits in me, which I will surely carry it forward… keep motivating me to lose more weight and to be healthy.” 

Quality of Products

Science has proven that consumption of Superfoods is important for health and wellness. I loved the way your entire program was structured around Superfoods with aim to losing excess weight and enhancing one’s overall wellness. This, single most point separates Truweight from all other weight loss programs. Effectively, today I am now a healthier fitter me!” 

Staff assistance

Truweight is a great program and the results speak for itself. I never thought that I can lose weight to go below 80kgs. TruWeight program proved me wrong which I won’t complain. Coaches are great and responsive. Awesome customer service, quality educational material to know more about the diet in general, Superfoods and health”.

Customer Reviews

Amreen Ajmal (5 stars)– “I have been a part of this program since 35 days and I am happy. As the name itself says Truweight, it’s just amazing. It never ask u to starve; eat healthy and lose weight in a healthy way. I lost 5 kgs in just 35 days and many more to lose. I appreciate the efforts of ruweight company and my coach heena saba, for helping me lose that extra kilos.”

Suraj Kumar (5 stars)– “Weight loss was never this interesting! Lot of superfoods, tasty snacks and enough determination to go on – that is the deal. Truweight has proved that weight loss doesn’t necessarily mean starving. The idea is to keep your tummy always full! Wonderful experience! Thanks to Truweight Team for helping me lose close to 9kgs and also develop healthy eating habits.”

Radha Srihari (5 stars)– “I have lost 9.8 kgs. I’m happy with the diet plan. Superfoods are really good. Thanks to the Dietitian who actually guide us.”

Geetha Sudha (5 stars)– “It is a fabulous journey with Truweight. Good support from the doctors and superfoods/material provided by Truweight helps to keep away from craving and healthy food management. Thanks a lot.”

Raju Vusirikala (5 stars)- “I am half way through the program and already lost 5 kgs and few more to go to my ideal weight. Liked the gamification of the food logging with health dollars, medals and charity connect. Overall, I am very happy with the program and delighted to hear from others about the positive changes in my appearance. Eagerly waiting to get the blood tests done to see the improvements in my vital numbers like cholesterol, sugar levels etc.. Highly recommend this program for anyone & everyone who is willing to invest in their health.”

Customer Follow up & Engagement

The Truweight program begins with the client’s enrolment. This is followed by the assignment of the personal dietitian who would suggest a meal plan and superfoods based on the client’s medical condition (if any) and weight loss target.

In the initial stage, a superfood kit is given to the client within 3-4 days post billing. After that, the client is advised to follow the detox phase that lasts for 15 days. Post-detox stage, the nutrition expert provides the customized diet plan, which includes regular meals along with the Superfoods. During the whole span of the program, the diet plan is re-structured according to progress, health status, and diet phases.

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